Simple answer, we're hosting an experiment.

 We hold a lot of ideas and feel great excitement around what this initiative might become.  But in truth, we're right at the beginning of the journey and venturing into new territory ourselves.

But we believe it's time for a movement.

And we also recognize the importance of deeply listening for our purpose on a much larger scale than any one of us can see today.  So, rather than pretending we have the right answers, we will focus on asking the right questions.

For now, we begin with dialogue.

 We want to speak to and hear from stakeholders in the broader legal community and begin to make fresh sense of what's happening around us.  To do that, we are conducting action research, convening workshops and events, facilitating dialogues, gathering advisors, building a robust online community, and sharing our findings as we go.

We want deeper insight into the immediate and long-term challenges and opportunities that lawyers are facing both individually and collectively.

And we want to serve as catalyst for creativity and innovation in our profession.  But first, we need to make visible and discussable what is unseen and unsaid.  Then, together we can begin to create the conditions for all of us to achieve a more sustainable and flourishing ecosystem of practitioners, clients, and communities.