Founded in 2016, RenewLaw: The Lawyers Leaders Initiative is based in San Francisco, California.  We are in the process of formation and intend to file shortly for status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.




Jason C. Meek, Esq.

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Fabiano P. Valerio, Esq.

Jason C. Meek is founder and managing director of iDeal Counsel, APLC, an entrepreneurial law firm specializing in the art of the deal.  With 20+ years experience as a transactional lawyer, he is known for his ability to design and negotiate deals that maximize joint gains and create lasting value for his clients, even in the most contentious high-stakes situations.  Trained and seasoned at global law firms, he has held lead responsibility for structuring, negotiating, and closing hundreds of sought-after deals involving stakeholders all across the globe, skillfully balancing legal, strategic, operational, and cultural aspects. 

Jason is also founder/CEO of The iDeal World, a "thrive tank" dedicated to building and developing human capabilities in the midst of conflict, uncertainty, rapid change, and other disorienting dilemmas.  Internationally recognized as a mediator in organizational and systemic conflict transformation, he designs and facilitates participatory dialogue processes to guide stakeholders through complex negotiations, multi-stakeholder initiatives, peace building, and systemic change projects.  In 2015, he was appointed to the Mediation and Dialogue Expert Roster for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, Austria.  In 2013, he served part-time as Mediator to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France, where he analyzed drivers influencing internal conflicts and designed strategies and professional learning programs to enhance organizational effectiveness.

A scholar practitioner, Jason teaches as adjunct professor at Berkeley Law, Stanford Law, and UC Hastings Law, presents at various academic and professional venues, and trains students, professionals, and organizations around the world in negotiation, participatory dialogue processes, conflict transformation, and adaptive leadership.  He has completed extensive professional development training in systemic dynamics in organizations, also as a leadership maturity coach.

Jason received his law degree with honors from the University of Florida, where he was associate editor of Florida Law Review, and his bachelor’s degree with Pi Sigma Alpha honors from Colgate University.  He is licensed to the Bar in California, District of Columbia and Florida.  

Fabiano P. Valerio is an attorney and member of the State Bar of California.  In 2014, he was awarded a Berkeley Law Public Interest Fellowship to co-found Renew Law.  He is helping to start a global conversation about the future of legal education and the role of law students in shaping that future.  With the help of students, attorneys, and faculty, Fabiano is building a forum for innovation and transformation.

With extensive entrepreneurial experience, Fabiano has a distinctive perspective and understanding of complexities of deal making.  His skills include the adaptability and creativity necessary for effective deal design.  Fabiano utilizes social technologies to facilitate collaboration and maximize value, while recognizing the importance of zealous advocacy.  He is also focusing on the potential of novel governance and legal structures, such as B-Corporations, to maximize profits without sacrificing desired social outcomes. 

In 2014, Fabiano graduated from Berkeley School of Law with the intent to infuse his legal practice with kindness, recognizing that his humanity is essential for a successful practice and fulfilling career.

While in law school, Fabiano interned at the East Bay Community Law Center and helped low-income clients with complex immigration challenges.  Before his third year of law school, he was a summer associate at Miller, Starr, Regalia, where he worked on a range of issues in real estate law. 

Before becoming an attorney, Fabiano was general partner of Interusa Trading, LLC, a company dedicated to exporting automation equipment to Brazil.  He supervised all aspects of operating the firm including developing business strategies to expand its customer base, regulatory compliance, and maintaining customer satisfaction.  Prior to joining Interusa, he managed a business consultancy specializing in the sale of motor vehicles to Brazil where he administered marketing programs to improve sales, expanded operations by restructuring finance and logistics, and managed the sales force.

Fabiano received his bachelor's degree with highest honors from the University of Miami, while managing a successful export firm. 

We envision a robust intergenerational community of lawyers, law students, and educators who share the vision of a thriving profession and a more promising world.

Through dialogues that we will host at multiple locations beginning in early 2018, we will begin to identify the deeper needs, values, purpose, and structure for the initiative.  We hope this will draw in both those curious and committed to seed positive change in their local communities and their own lives.

We know the time is ripe.  But more importantly, we believe that we lawyers already have within us the creativity and innate resourcefulness necessary to address the most pressing problems related to the changes in our profession and our world at large.  It might need help to fully reveal itself, but that why we're gathering all of you!  By convening people of diverse viewpoints to engage in dialogue, inquiry, shared learning, prototyping, and purposeful performance, we can begin to take more skillful action toward the changes we wish to see and usher in a new normal of principled success and greater well-being. 

In October 2017, we will activate our social media presence and open a user community accessible by links from this page.

Check back soon or connect with us to receive our updates!