We envision a robust intergenerational community of lawyers, law students, and educators who share the vision of a thriving profession and a more promising world.

Through dialogues that we will host at multiple locations beginning in early 2018, we will begin to identify the deeper needs, values, purpose, and structure for the initiative.  We hope this will draw in both those curious and committed to seed positive change in their local communities and their own lives.

We know the time is ripe.  But more importantly, we believe that we lawyers already have within us the creativity and innate resourcefulness necessary to address the most pressing problems related to the changes in our profession and our world at large.  It might need help to fully reveal itself, but that why we're gathering all of you!  By convening people of diverse viewpoints to engage in dialogue, inquiry, shared learning, prototyping, and purposeful performance, we can begin to take more skillful action toward the changes we wish to see and usher in a new normal of principled success and greater well-being. 

In October 2017, we will activate our social media presence and open a user community accessible by links from this page.

Check back soon or connect with us to receive our updates!